Why do I need to be a member of Cycling Australia to be a member of Lead Out Cycling?

  • As Cycling Australia Coaches, we recommend anyone that rides with Lead Out to be a member of Cycling Australia. This provides you with an additional level of coverage in the case of an accident.
  • The minimum membership from Cycling Australia is the Recreational Silver membership.
  • If you plan to participate in some of the local races you will need the Gold membership.
  • You will also be covered if you have Mountain Biking MTBA Membership.
What does my CA insurance policy include?
  • The insurance cover for Cycling Australia and MTBA members will cover you 24/7 on the bike and includes personal accident, public liability & loss of income benefits.

I have recently bought a bike and need some help getting started – can you help?

  • Lead Out Cycling can provide one-on-one coaching sessions to get you off to the right start on your bike. Once you’re feeling confident you are welcome to join other riders at your level on our group rides. This gives you a chance to practice your skills and learn how to ride safely on the roads.

I have been a keen cyclist for a few years and would like to try criterium racing – where do I start?

  • Lead Out Cycling will create a program that is based on the skills required to ride as a entry level criterium racer, and will provide information on the most suitable races for your skill level.

Does Lead Out Cycling match me with riders of similar standards on the group rides?

  • Yes – once we have established your skill level you will be encouraged to ride in a group with others at your level. These rides are designed to be enjoyable, sociable, and a chance for you to develop your cycling skills.